Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season
Nashville Skyline

Welcome to VandyHacks IV

Founded in the spring of 2015, VandyHacks was the first collegiate hackathon to call Nashville, Tennessee home. Now, we're proud to bring you VandyHacks IV! From October 20-22, 2017, 400+ students from colleges and universities across the nation will gather at Vanderbilt University’s Engineering and Science Building for a weekend of collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


For 36 hours, participants will work together to bring their ideas to life - and have lots of fun doing it! VandyHacks welcomes beginners, and we encourage all students to apply, regardless of their major or background.


We are currently working out the details for the event. More information will be available in a couple of weeks.



I have no idea how to code. Can I still attend?

What if I've never been to a hackathon?


Who can apply?

How does registration work?

What if I'm a Vanderbilt student?

Are walk-ins allowed?


Will you be providing buses to schools?

How do I get there if I'm not near a bus stop?

Will there be parking available for attendees?


What should I bring?

Where will I sleep?

What will I eat?

How are teams formed? Do I need a team?

Will there be other activities besides hacking?

Do I need to stay the entire time?

What if I’m interested in being a mentor?


My question wasn't addressed here. What should I do?